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4.11 Conditional interactivity applies

Before receiving your application for a connection UK Power Networks received one or more other applications for connections to the same part of its Distribution System from one or more third parties (the “Prior Application(s)”).

There is insufficient capacity upon UK Power Networks' Distribution System or there are other constraints upon it that will prevent the/all the connection(s) that is/are the subject of the Prior Application(s) and your connection from being made. Therefore, UK Power Networks is applying its interactive connection application process.  UK Power Networks prioritises applications for connections according to Application Date.

In accordance with UK Power Networks' interactive connection application process the period within which you have to accept the Quote is reduced to 30 days from the date of the Quote.

Irrespective of whether or not you accept the Quote before 5pm on the final date for acceptance of this Quote as stated in the Quote, if:

  • One or more of the Quotes issued by UK Power Networks pursuant to the Prior Application(s) is/are accepted in accordance with the terms of such Quote(s); and
  • Due to insufficient capacity upon UK Power Networks' Distribution System or other constraints it is not possible for UK Power Networks to provide all the connections for which valid acceptances have been received

Such valid acceptance(s) received in connection with the Prior Applications will take priority over your acceptance and, without further reference to you, your acceptance will be deemed to be invalid.  Under such circumstances this Quote will be deemed to have been withdrawn automatically without further reference to you and will no longer capable of acceptance by you. If this happens you will contacted you so that we can discuss alternative connection solutions.