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3.15 Witness testing

Demonstrating EREC G99 Compliance

  • The tests that UK Power Networks will witness depend on the EREC G99 Type (A – D) of Power Generating Module, as well as which elements of compliance You have demonstrated by other means e.g. Manufacturers’ Information, Simulation Studies, Type Test reports.
  • You must notify UK Power Networks of your commissioning test programme at least 28 days prior to commissioning (or 15 days before commissioning for Type A Power Generating Modules). Test results are captured in the Installation Document (Form A3 for Type A Power Generating Modules) or Installation and Commissioning Confirmation forms (Forms B3 / C3 for Types B – D), which are available in EREC G99.  
  • For elements of compliance that are not demonstrated through witness testing, evidence of compliance should be submitted to UK Power Networks via appropriate forms for Type A or via the Power Generating Module Document (PGMD) for Types B – D. The PGMD should also be submitted 28 days prior to commissioning, although ideally a draft version will be submitted shortly after accepting the Connection Offer.
  • Please note that in accordance with EREC G99, permanent normal operation of the generation scheme in parallel either directly or indirectly (through transformer(s) owned by You) with UK Power Networks’ distribution system is not permitted until commissioning tests are complete and recorded (all Power Generating Modules) and a Final Operational Notification (FON) has been issued (Type B – D Power Generating Modules only).
  • Compliance should be demonstrated with the version of EREC G99 that is current at the time of ordering the relevant item of plant and/or apparatus, or with any later version of EREC G99

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