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4.7 Second Comer Electricity (Connection Charges) Regulations 2002 and 2017

How many versions of the Electricity Connection Charges Regulations (ECCR) are currently applicable?

There are two versions of the ECCR that could apply to your Project:

  • The Electricity (Connection Charges) Regulations 2002
  • The Electricity (Connection Charges) Regulations 2017 (which came into force on 6 April 2017)

Both versions will operate concurrently until ECCR 2002 expires on 5 April 2022. Details of both can be found at www.legislation.gov.uk

Which version of the regulations apply to my Project?

If the ECCR regulations apply to your Project, a paragraph will be included in Section 2 of your quote letter (just below the Cost Breakdown table) that tells you which version of the regulations apply i.e. Electricity Connection Charges Regulations 2002 or Electricity Connection Charges Regulations 2017.

Further information

Further details concerning the ECCR can be found here.