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4.1.15 Pre and post-connection tests for low voltage contestable works

The following pre-connection and post-connection tests will need to be carried out before assets installed by an ICP can be adopted:

  • Pre-connection tests to be undertaken by both the ICP and UK Power Networks for Low Voltage Contestable Works: 

    • Check that terminal equipment at all exit points is secure from public access, cut-out fuses carriers are in place with fuses removed

    • Check that all cable routes are properly backfilled with no exposed cables

    • Undertake insulation resistance test on assets to be connected

  • Post-connection tests to be undertaken by UK Power Networks for Low  Voltage Contestable Works:

    • Confirm voltage at each exit point

    • Check polarity at each exit point

    • Check Phase Rotation at each 3 phase exit point

    • Check loop impedance within acceptable limits

    • Seal cut-out fuse carriers with fuses removed

    • Phasing check with exiting low voltage network where possible