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3.10 Commercial or industrial connections - CT metering large low voltage connections (more than 400Amps)

The Customer is responsible for:

Space for CT metering

  • Providing the space for CT metering as shown on the drawing provided with their Quote


  • The supply, installation, and maintenance of single core cables PVC/AWA/PVC or XLPE/AWA/PVC of an approved type necessary to establish the connection between the supply terminals and the Customers switches. The maximum thermal rating under full load of these cables must not exceed 70 °C, as under normal circumstances, this is the maximum temperature rating of the associated LV switchgear and metering equipment. Company staff will carry out the jointing of these cables to UK Power Networks' supply terminals.
  • For services provided directly from a substation with Your cables laid direct into a trench, the trench should be 800mm wide and 600deep, excavated in a straight line from the substation to a position beneath the main circuit breaker. Under the circuit breaker position, the dimensions of the trench should be 800mm wide, 600mm long and 600mm deep. These dimensions are necessary in order to safely achieve the full cable rating.

Electricity Supply Regulations 1988

  • You must ensure that the electrical installation complies with the requirements of The Electricity Supply Regulations 1988.
  • The main equipotential bonding conductors must be related to the size of the service cable, shall be copper stranded and have a minimum cross sectional area (csa) of 50mm².

Combined Neutral & Earth (CNE) cables to a PME system

  • You are responsible for informing their electrical contractor that their development will be connected by Combined Neutral & Earth (CNE) cables to a PME system, unless otherwise stated in the Quote.