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3.13 Substations: primary sites

 You are responsible for:

  • The supply and construction of a building structure to accommodate a Primary substation including the following works which form part of the Substation works:

    • Civil design of primary substation (to be submitted for UK Power Networks approval

    • Excavation and reinstatement within substation

    • Excavation and installation of substation earth nest

    • Bases for substation plant and any associated beaching in or round the base structures

    • Substation building to house switchgear and associated plant

    • Light and small power to the substation building

    • Site drainage of the substation

    • Fencing of the substation

    • Roads and footpaths in and around the substation to enable safe access and egress of the site

    • Diversion of any existing service crossing the proposed substation Site.

The designs of all the above works must be approved by UK Power Networks before any constructions work commences on site, After construction and before commissioning the site, UK Power Networks reserves the right to inspect and test that the works have been constructed in accordance with the approved design.