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3.5 Building Network Operator (BNO) responsibilitiees

BNO responsibilities

  • The installation of the services will be the responsibility of the Building Network Operator (BNO) and must comply with ENA G87.
  • It is the responsibility of the BNO to install all lateral and rising mains, together with all the required multi-distribution boards. The BNO will retain ownership of these and be responsible for their ongoing repair and replacement as required

  • It is strongly recommended that a BNO isolator is installed between UK Power Networks incoming service head, and the BNO's installed distribution network.

 The BNO is also responsible for:

  • Ensuring gas and electricity terminations are segregated with a ½ hour fireproof partition or a minimum separation of 600mm
  • Ensuring UK Power Networks termination equipment is located within a locked cupboard or room to which immediate access must be provided to UK Power Networks 24 hours a day. Access keys can be provided to UK Power Networks if desired.

  • The provision of a communal intake room/s on the ground floor of the flats.

  • Installing 125mm internal diameter black twin-walled high density polythene ducting (Ridgiduct) (Polypipe Product Code RB125) at each cupboard/intake position to accommodate the incoming mains cables as indicated on the drawing attached to the Quote.