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4.6 Private generation

Your quote is issued on the understanding that any private generating plant which might be installed is to be reserved as standby to cater for the failure of UK Power Networks connection and not to be used to supply energy when UK Power Networks' connection is available.

Parallel operation with UK Power Networks' connection is not permitted and suitable changeover equipment must be provided. Full details of any proposed private standby generating plant including kVA rating, changeover control and earthing arrangements, must be submitted to UK Power Networks for prior approval.

Should you decide to install generating plant on-site, you are required by Regulation 26 of the Electricity Supply Regulations 1988 to comply with Schedule III of the Electricity Supply Regulations 1988. Your attention is drawn to the requirements of the Electricity Association Engineering Recommendation G59 "Recommendations for the Connection of Private Generating Plant to the Public Electricity Supplier's Distribution System".