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3.27 Works to be undertaken by the ICP/IDNO if UK Power Networks is undertaking the non-contestable works only

If You select option B or option C of their Quote, the ICP/IDNO appointed by You will need to complete the following where applicable:

  • Liaise with the CiC Delivery Manager before starting work 

  • It is Your/ICP/IDNO's responsibility, where applicable, to conduct a worst case scenario generation study to ensure compliance with G59/1, G59/3 or G83 as appropriate. This study is to include the effect on UK Power Networks’ network in the Design Submission. The results are to include:

      • The fault level contribution

      • The step change in voltage

      • Confirmation whether or not the generation will export onto the DNO network  (export profile)

  • UK Power Networks will then advise You whether the generation can be connected at the proposed Point of Connection (POC) or if a new POC is required.

  • Legal acquisition of cable easements and substations on UK Power Networks' standard documentation without amendments

  • Planning permission for any substations with an aerial

  • Supply of all materials required for the ICP/IDNO Works

  • Break open any UK Power Networks ducts as necessary

  • Construction of substations, including earthing, power and lighting

  • Installation of substation equipment

  • Cable and substation jointing and fitting

  • Joint bays, excavation & permanent reinstatement for cable identification and final connections

  • NRSWA compliance including for final connections

  • Obtain opening notices and permits

  • Project Management, operational safety, Regulation compliance, testing etc.

  • Submission to the company of as laid drawings and test results

  • To obtain and provide copies of any required Environmental licences or permits

  • Supply and installation of an RTU approved by UK Power Networks, including its power supply. Click HERE to see specifications of approved RTUs

  • Obtain sign off of the substation civil works prior to the delivery of the plant

  • Construction of pillars, including earthing - Additional earthing ring if metallic

  • Supply and Installation of cut out, fuse carriers, specified fuses and CT's

  • Cable jointing

  • Joint bay excavation & permanent reinstatement for cable identification and final connections