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3.3 Services to houses

Meter cabinets

  • You are responsible for purchasing and installing a meter cabinet for each dwelling.

Position of meter cabinets

  • The positions of meter cabinets are to be located in accordance with standard EDS 08-2110, that is available on our G81 site. The exact position should be agreed on site with UK Power Networks Delivery Project Manager.

Ownership of meter cabinets

  • Meter cabinets are not and shall not become the property of UK Power Networks. The cost of on-going maintenance of each meter cabinet remains the responsibility Your responsibility.

Meter boards

  • You areresponsible for providing a suitable wall space for the meter board at each dwelling.
  • The positions of these cabinets are to be located in accordance with UK Power Networks standard design criteria; the exact position is to be agreed on site with UK Power Networks Delivery Project Manager

  • Please remember that that the bottom edge of the meter board must not be less than 450mm or more than 1200mm from the finished floor level and an access space of 750mm must be available in front of the meter board with minimum of 1m fall back space.

Hockey sticks

  • If hockey sticks are required, you are responsible for the connection of any service ducts to house service “hockey sticks” or suitable temporary access chambers provided in accordance with NJUG6.
  • Any Hockey sticks must be supplied and installed by You to comply with the National Joint Utilities Group (NJUG6) guidelines

Service entry ducts

  • The service entry is shown on plan provision drawing provided with your Quote
  • Any service entry ducts must comply with standard ENA 12/24

  • Ducts should be laid clear of any obstruction and terminated in an easy bend at the base of the meter cabinet

  • If ducting is to be installed from the meter position to the back edge of the site boundary, the ducting must be installed at a depth of 450mm to the top of the duct below finished ground level

  • The ducting must only to be used for UK Power Networks cables

  • Ducting supplied by other utilities MUST NOT be used as a substitute under any circumstances

  • For internal meter positions the duct must terminate with a single easy bend below for the meter position

  • Where the service cable crosses driveways, concrete areas or garage floors or is routed to internal meter positions, You should use 125mm internal diameter black twin-walled high density polythene ducting (Polypipe Product Code RB125) to the specification detailed on drawing no. ES 10-0190-1 (Ridgiduct).