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4.5 Cables between UK Power Networks and Your installations up to 400Amps

When sizing the outgoing cables from UK Power Networks cut-out or CT chamber, you are reminded that our equipment is designed only to accept the cables detailed below.

Where cables are to be terminated directly into a UK Power Networks’ cut-out, the outgoing cables (to be supplied by You for termination into the cut-out by UK Power Networks will either be a single run or double run per phase with each run conforming to the following specification;

  • 70 - 300mm² sector stranded conductor

  • 95 - 300mm² sector solid conductor

  • 50 - 300mm² round stranded conductor

  • 100 - 300mm² stranded conductor

  • 70 - 240mm² round solid conductor

Where UK Power Networks has installed a CT chamber, the outgoing cables will terminate onto 1 x termination per phase of (Sicame - UMT300 (shear head connector) and the cable. Acceptable cable sizes are:

  • 1 x (70mm² - 300mm²) solid aluminium sectorial conductors

  • 1 x (70mm² - 300mm²) stranded conductors

Note: Please remember that in all instances, terminations onto our equipment are not suitable for Tri-rated cable.