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3.2 Ducts

Provision and installation of ducts

  • You are responsible for the provision and installation of all ducts as indicated on the proposal plan provided with the Quote
  • You are responsible for ensuring that any ducts are checked and cleared of all obstructions before UK Power Networks are asked to pull cables through the ducting. You should use duct-clearing mandrels and seal the ducts as appropriate, after laying the ducts. Before drawing cables through longer sections of duct, You may be required to prove the duct is fit for purpose by drawing a short length of cable through the section, and examining the cable for damage.

Ducts installed in concrete or through a void

  • If ducts are to be installed in concrete or through a void (for any reason), you must obtain prior agreement from UK Power Networks for the use of steel pipes. In these instances, the steel pipes must be 150mm internal diameter welded steel tube with no protruding seam internally. The internal weld must be smooth to the touch throughout. All joints to be screwed and socketed with ends of tubes finished smooth to the touch. Tubes to be medium duty in red oxide or self-colour finish, complying with EN10255.

Hockey sticks

  • You are responsible for the connection of any service ducts to service “hockey sticks” or suitable temporary access chambers provided in accordance with NJUG6.
  • Any Hockey sticks must be supplied and installed by You

Street furniture ducts

  • Ducts for street furniture must:
    • Comply with ENA 12/24

    • Be laid clear of any obstruction

    • Be terminated in an easy bend at the base of the street furniture.

Road crossing ducts

  • You must supply and install any road crossing ducts that are shown on their proposal plan, provided with your Quote, at no cost to UK Power Networks, using 125mm internal diameter black twin-walled high density polythene ducting (Ridgiduct) (Polypipe Product Code RB125).
  • If the duct lines are not installed as shown on the proposal plan, You will be required to rectify the situation before work.

Location of ducts

  • You must ensure that the precise location of all ducts are accurately recorded and permanently marked on-site


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