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3.26 Appoint an Electricity Supplier

 You are responsible for appointing an electricity Supplier.

The appointed electricity Supplier will arrange the installation of any electricity meters. To ensure the process runs smoothly, please read the following points which explain what You need to do:

  • Obtain a Meter Point Administration Number (MPAN) to arrange the metering You will need a Meter Point Administration Number also known as an MPAN, or a supply number for every supply point. This is a 13 digit reference, used in Great Britain to uniquely identify every electricity supply point. UK Power Networks will send the MPAN(s) to You once You have accepted and paid the Quote. Please note that UK Power Networks can only create MPANs once You have provided the full postal address (these need to be agreed by Royal Mail if it is a new development).

  • Choose an electricity Supplier once You have the MPAN, You will need to select an electricity Supplier. The opening up of the electricity market has increased competition which means that You have the freedom to appoint any accredited electricity Supplier of their choice. You must contact their chosen your electricity Supplier as soon they have the MPAN(s) to go through the registration process. This is a prerequisite to the meter installation and normally takes at least 28 days.

  • Arrange the meter installation once You have a confirmed date from UK Power Networks for the work to go ahead, You should get in touch with their chosen electricity Supplier to arrange the metering on the same day. The Supplier is likely to need at least 10 working days’ notice so You should allow plenty of time to ensure the project runs smoothly.