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4.1.2 Safety

Location of plant

  • The plan provided with the Quote shows the approximate location of UK Power Networks' plant within the development. This plan may not show existing services to individual dwellings, street furniture, National Grid plant or third party cables which could possibly be present.

Accuracy of plan

  • Whilst we believe that the position of the apparatus on the plan provided with the Quote is correct, UK Power Networks cannot guarantee the accuracy of the enclosed plan and does not accept any responsibility or liability in the event of any inaccuracy.

Plan provision department

  • Before any of your own excavation or building commences, a copy of our cable records should be obtained from our Plan Provision Department. You can contact them on 0800 056 5866.

Work on site

  • Work must not be commenced on-site until UK Power Networks has attended and agreed the necessary precautions. This should include all proposed safety precautions and environmental protection.

Underground cables

  • In the interest of safety to personnel, equipment and UK Power Networks' apparatus, it is imperative that the position of underground cables is obtained by the use of electronic cable locators and this position confirmed by careful trial holing, using hand held tools. UK Power Networks cannot undertake this work for you.
  • All cables discovered must be considered LIVE and DANGEROUS at all times and must not be cut, re-sited, suspended or generally interfered with, unless specifically authorised on-site by an UK Power Networks Engineer. All the cables are UK Power Networks' property and remain so even when made dead, unless we notify you otherwise and any such cable exposed should be reported to the UK Power Networks Project Manager for your Development, who will arrange for collection and authorised disposal.

Overhead equipment 

  • Any overhead equipment in the vicinity of your works should be considered live at all times. All work in the locality should be carried out in accordance with Document GS6, issued by the Health and Safety Executive, and the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 must be observed.


  • Please note that UK Power Networks' plant, if damaged or interfered with, represents a serious hazard to life. You must ensure that any of your staff, agents or contractors who may work or survey in the vicinity are informed of and made fully aware of the possible dangers.

Site Manager responsibility  

  • The responsibility for site safety of your employees, your contractors and for other site visitors rests with your site manager. All works must be carried out in accordance with the Health & Safety at Works Act 1974 and its relevant Regulations, including the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989.

Safe digging practices 

  • It is recommended that you also obtain H.S.E. booklet HS (GS) 47 which deals with safe digging practises.