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3.18 Active Network Management (ANM) local control requirements for the Flexible Distributed Generation (FDG) quote

You are responsible for providing the following:

 Physical requirements

  • Location: Provide a secure indoor substation to house the Active Network Management equipment. You must provide UK Power Networks with 24 hours unimpeded access to the substation.
  • Space: Provide wall mounted Cubicle space of 800 mm x 600 mm.

  • External fixture: Provide wall space for external pole mounted di-pole radio aerial.

  • Earthing: Provide a bonding point for the cubicle to the substation main earth bar.

Power requirements

  • Provide 24 volts or 48 DC volts 2.5A rated power supply on site.
  • Provide battery backup for the DC supply to increase resilience of the ANM system

Communications requirements

  • Provide a wired communications link from the Generator control system to the ANM equipment
  • Accept a control signal (hard wired or data communications protocol) which controls the real power output of the generator over its full rated range (i.e. control between 0-100% and not simply on/off)

  • Where a UK Power Networks’ circuit breaker will not be installed, provide a signal to open and close the circuit breaker of the generator and also provide the status indication for the circuit breaker position.

  • Provide a measurement of exported power to the ANM equipment (hard wired or data communications protocol); Support functionality to monitor watchdog signal from the ANM and reduce export power to a pre-defined fail safe level in the abnormal event of ANM failure.

The above requirements are subject to UK Power Networks carrying out the final design of the Flexible Distributed Generation connection and notifying You of any changes to the above ANM Local Control equipment.