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Main Business Plan Documents and Annexes

UK Power Networks Our Plan for the Future

UK Power Networks One Page Summary

UK Power Networks EPN One Page Summary

UK Power Networks LPN One Page Summary

UK Power Networks SPN One Page Summary

UK Power Networks Revised Business Plan: Whats changed and why (Annex 24)

UK Power Networks Overall Executive Summary

EPN Executive Summary

LPN Executive Summary

2016-17 Performance_snapshot UK Power Networks.pdf

2016-17 Performance_snapshot South Eastern Power Networks.pdf

2016-17 Performance_snapshot London Power Networks.pdf

2016-17 Performance_snapshot Eastern Power Networks.pdf

20044 UKPN Central London Plan FINAL WEB PDF 11.02.19.pdf

SPN Executive Summary

Process Overview

Innovation Strategy

UK Power Networks Overall Core Narrative

EPN Core Narrative

LPN Core Narrative

SPN Core Narrative

Annex 1: Historic Outputs

Annex 2: Forecast Outputs

Annex 3: Core Planning Scenario

Annex 4: Customer Satisfaction Strategy

Annex 5: Social Commitments

Annex 6: Quality of Supply Strategy

Annex 7: Losses Strategy

Annex 8: Climate Change Adaptation

Annex 9: Smart Grid Strategy

Annex 10: Smart Metering

Annex 11: IT Strategy

Annex 12: Business Transformation

Annex 13: Overall Cost Justification

Annex 13a: Regional Cost Justification

Annex 13b: Direct Cost Efficiency

Annex 13c: UKPN Overall Cost Benefit Analysis

Annex 14: Managing Uncertainty

Annex 15: Network Plan Deliverability

Annex 16: Workforce Renewal

Annex 17: Financeability of Business Plan

Annex 18: Revenue and Pricing

Annex 19: Stakeholder Engagement Process

Annex 20: Business Plan Development Process

Annex 21: Assurance of Overall Plan

Annex 22: Asset Plan Production Process