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Distribution Safety Rules

Distribution Safety Rules 2016

Distribution Safety Rules Light

DSR 01 001 Issue of Distribution Safety Rules

DSR 01 002 HV Systems Operations

DSR 01 005 Work On Customer HV Systems

DSR 01 007 Identification of High Voltage Cables

DSR 01 009 Operation of SF6 Switchgear

DSR 01 010 Work in Live Substations - Safe Zones of Work

DSR 01 013 Safety Documents

DSR 01 014a Digging Card

DSR 01 014 Excavating Near Electricity Cables

DSR 01 015 Identification of Points of Work

DSR 01 016a Polarity Record

DSR 01 016b Customer Left Off Supply Due To Safety Issue

DSR 01 016 How to Ensure LV Customers Have Correct Polarity and Phase Rotation

DSR 01 018a Low Voltage Cable Indentification Check Sheet

DSR 01 018 Identification of LV Cables

DSR 01 019a Tail Board Conference for Live Line Working on a Low Voltage Board etc

DSR 01 019 Work in the Vicinity of LV Boards etc

DSR 01 020 Connecting Cables to LV Boards

DSR 01 021a Low Voltage Permit to Work (UKPN Services)

DSR 01 021 UK Power Networks Services LV Permit to Work

DSR 01 022 UK Power Networks Services Local Control

HSS 01 052 Incident Investigation

HSS 01 058 Additional Health, Safety and Environment Requirements for Contractors Working for UK Power Networks

HSS 01 062 Undertaking On-site (Point of Work) Assessment

HSS 01 063 Management of Asbestos and Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM)

HSS 01 067a Guidance When Working at Height in Strong Winds

HSS 01 067 Working at Height

HSS 01 069a Summary of Standards of Key Items of PPE

HSS 01 069 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

HSS 01 090 Access to and Working in Confined Spaces

HSS 01 112 Safe Use of Prefabricated Low Level Access Equipment, Mobile Towers and Traditional Scaffolds

HSS 01 118 Safe Use of Steps and Ladders

HSS 01 123a Driver/Operator Pre-use Inspection Record MEWPs

HSS 01 123 Safe Use of Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWPs)

HSS 01 134 Management of Fuels