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Distribution Safety Rules 2016

Distribution Safety Rules Light

DSR 01 014a Digging Card

DSR 01 016b Customer Left Off Supply Due To Safety Issue

DSR 01 018 Identification of LV Cables

DSR 01 019a Tail Board Conference for Live Line Working on a Low Voltage Board etc

DSR 01 021a Low Voltage Permit to Work (UKPN Services)

EDS 05-4001 Fuse Ratings at Distribution Substations

EOP 01-0014 Temporary Shrouding for Third Parties working in the vicinity of LV Overhead Lines

EOS 01-0066 Installing ESQC Shrouding for ESQCR Compliance

EOS 02-0020 Breaking Down LV Joints

EOS 02-0026 Temporary Caps for LV and 11kV Cables

EOS 02-0042 Decommissioning Pressurised Underground Cables

EOS 02-0062 Operating Prysmian Plastic Underground Link Boxes

EOS 03-0071 Use of Test Plugs in Switchgear

EOS 04-0019 Efacec Ground Mount Transformers: Incorrect Rating Plate Data

EOS 04-0035 Compact Substations

EOS 04-1020 Transformer Ratings

EOS 07-0118 Requirements for Third Party Works in the Vicinity of UK Power Networks Assets

HSS 01 066a Network Rail Contacts

HSS 01 066b Task Method Statement Template (Rail)

HSS 01 066 Control of Access to and Working on Rail Company Infrastructure

HSS 01 069a Summary of Standards of Key Items of PPE

HSS 01 069 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

HSS 01 112 Safe Use of Prefabricated Low Level Access Equipment, Mobile Towers and Traditional Scaffolds

HSS 01 123a Driver/Operator Pre-use Inspection Record MEWPs

HSS 40 045a LV Live Work or Testing Assessment

HSS 40 052 Energisation and Disconnection of Electrical Apparatus and Plant including all cables

HSS 40 059a The use of ELI and clamp ammeter example

HSS 40 059b The use of Megger Cable identifying Generator CI TX example

HSS 40 059c The use of Ariadna cable identifying Generator CI TX example

ICP 11kV Jointing Craft Examination

ICP 11kV SAP Examination

ICP Extension of LV Mains Craft Examination

ICP HV Switching Assessment

ICP Jointers Mate Craft Examination

ICP LV Operations and LV Cable Identification course - ICP-011

ICP LV Service Extension up to 100A Craft Examination

ICP Service Connection to LV Mains up to 100A Craft Examination

NOP 50 021a LV Switching Operations Schedule

NOP 50 021 Operational Control of the UKPN Low Voltage Distribution Network for EPN and LPN Regions